• A Comprehensive Guide To Eyelash Serum- All About It!

    Your eyes play quite an important role in enhancing your overall personality, doesn't it? Since they work a lot in enhancing your overall look, you need to take their care as well. And, it is not only about applying eyeliner or kajal to your eyes to make them look graceful. But, here we are talking about intensifying your eyelashes. Regularly applying mascara to your eyes can result in weakening your lashes to a point where the hair of your eyelashes starts falling off. 


    We completely understand that it can be quite worrisome for you. So, is there anything which you can do to stop this from happening? Well, yes. Have you heard about Eyelash Serum? Well, it's an amazing product that helps in giving you fuller eyelashes by revitalizing and increasing the growth of your eyelashes. An eyelash serum promises you thicker and enhanced eyelashes. Without the need for mascara, eyelash serums can work wonders at boosting that fluttery lash look. However, many important aspects need to be discussed about Eyelash Serums. 


    There are so many questions like- how eyelash serums work, what is their formula, are eyelash serums safe to use, etc. With so many questions in mind, it might be difficult for you to reach a decision. This is the reason we are here. In this particular piece of writing, we are going to talk about all of them. So without taking any more time, let us start discussing them in deeper detail. 


    What Is an Eyelash Serum? 


    Talking about eyelash serums, these are the cosmetic products that can help in stimulating the growth of the eyelashes and the activation of eyelids’ follicles. All thanks to the composition relying on proteins, enzymes, and active agents. Simply put, with such a strong composition, eyelash serums can help in extending a healthier, stronger, and longer appearance. Additionally, eyelash serums also aid in the well-hydration of eyelashes which will eventually result in lessening the hair fall of the eyelashes. 


    Additionally, it has natural elements that care for your eyelashes. Because of all these benefits, it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, and more and more women make use of it.


    How Do Eyelash Serums Work? 


    Eyelashes, much like the hair on your head, consist of protein as well as amino acids. You should strengthen and nurture the state of your lashes if you want long, healthy, luscious lashes, which is where a lash growth serum may help. 

    Eyelash serums function in several ways. Specific chemicals in some formulae with growth-stimulating properties are intended to promote lash growth. Others, on the other hand, have substances that nourish and support lash healing, enabling them to grow longer and stronger naturally and improving the lashes' overall appearance. 


    How And When Eyelash Serums Could Be Used?


    You must know that eyelash serums are not spontaneous. You must wait for some time after you apply eyelash serum to your eyelashes. You must be patient and consistent with treatment to achieve the goal. Talking about its usage, it must be used twice a day for a minimum period of 4 weeks. When you follow your daily cleaning routine, ensure that your eyelid skin eyelashes are entirely clean before applying eye lash serum. Additionally, eyelash serums normally include a bush or comb which increases the feasibility to apply it. 


    Furthermore, while applying eyelashes, you need to pay attention to the roots as well. This way, the product will penetrate the follicle and have an enhanced effect. Although, it is not advisable to apply the mascara on top in the case of mornings. However, you have to also pay attention for the serum to be completely absorbed. 


    With this, you must have understood that Eyelash serums are an amazing ingredient and it almost takes not much time to show its 100% effect on eyelashes. Additionally, you should be aware that the four-week guideline is merely a guide and that you are free to use it longer if necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.


    Are Eyelash Serums Safe To Use? 


    Though eyelash serums also contain chemicals that can be harmful to your eyelashes, when used correctly, eyelash serums can be safe and easy to utilize(either on daily basis or as per your need). Likewise any other cosmetic product, some people might have allergies, so if you experience any tingling, irritation, or redness- you must stop using the eyelash serum and seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible. 


    In The End!


    Here, we are concluding our article. You must have realized that Eyelash Serums are great to use. If you are a party freak, a model, or use eye mascara quite often, then you are in real need of this product. And not only limited to these categories, but every woman out there must also have this product in her beauty wardrobe. With so many eyelash serums out there, you must go for the product after analyzing the ingredients wisely, or else you can also ask an eyelash expert. All the best!


  • Lash Extension Supplies- The Must-Haves For Absolute Lashing!


    Be it any year, lash extension is one of the most setting and popular trends. Especially if we talk about the year 2020, it was an unprecedented trend. Despite the age of the person, every woman wants long, fluffy eyelashes and as the demand keeps on rising, more and more people are getting interested and want to know the best lash supplies to choose from. Volumized lashes we often see celebrities wearing look effortlessly gorgeous but less do we know that it takes a hell lot of time to set them properly. This fact is true for fresh newbies who have never done eyelashes in their life.

    So, in case, if you are beginning your journey as a new lash artist, or maybe looking for a level escalation, the first requirement is to have a killer toolkit with necessary lash extension supplies. We are here to put forward some useful tips from professional lashionistas who are well-aware of the tools and products that are essential to make lashing more successful and comfortable for both clientele and yourself. In this particular blog, we are going to discuss the lash extension supplies that you must have in your make-up wardrobe. Without wasting any time, let us directly jump onto discussing the same. 

    What Are The Main Products Required For Perfect Lashing? 

    Though many products go into perfect lashing, there are three main products without which you can’t think of getting fuller eyelashes. Here are these:

    1. Lashes.

    2. A Pair Of Tweezers.

    3. Lash Extension Glue. 

    Lashes - This goes without saying that quality lashes are the main ingredients to getting perfect eyelash extensions. In today’s lashing arena, the Synthetic faux mink lashes are the most popular eyelash extension supplies. Unlike others, they are more flexible and look posher when applied. To know which one is the best, you can believe in your conscience and see what exactly your clients require. To be ready for any appearance, we recommend keeping a mixed tray on hand with curving (C shaped), dramatic (D shaped), and leaner (L shaped) lashes.  

    A Pair Of Tweezers - Tweezers are another main component to win on gorgeous lashing. Since they come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, you have to be extremely cautious while picking the most accurate one. The successful lashing needs at least two pairs of tweezers, one for separating lashes and another for attaching. Most lash experts go for curvy tips as they allow quite a precise movement of the hand and grip lashes quite firmly. Rest, it completely depends upon you which one you wish to choose. 

    Lash Extension Glue - The last and irreplaceable item in the lashing tool kit is eyelash extension adhesives. Keeping in mind the fact that the lash glue is a chemical composition, you must keep in mind the ingredients before buying it. Even if you have that, you will at least have clients whose eyes get irritated and runny super easily. In such a scenario you must have sensitive lash adhesives as well, which are free of carbon black and eliminate the chances of allergic reactions. It's also worth noting that glues for sensitive eyes have a reduced retention rate. So, while converting from standard to sensitive glue, don't forget to convey this to the client.

    Concluding Statements!

    Well, there are so many more things that go along with the eyelashes toolkit. However, these three above-mentioned products are the most important ones. So, if you wish to increase your skill set and make your clients filled with ecstasy, go and start preparing your own personalized eyelashes toolkit with these 3 must-have products and also can use Lash Serum to enhance your lashes naturally. All the best to rock and roll with your new ravishing look! 

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