Simple Steps To Use Olaplex 0, 3 and 8


    The biggest benefit for hair tone is Olaplex; it increases the hair's tensile strength. When the shade system is used or when the hair requires standard intensity therapies, these are often divided. It allows you to change the way your hair is styled and is effective on all hair types, including Afro hair because it helps to reduce frizz and give twists a more defined appearance.

    The purpose of using Olaplex products is to repair broken bonds and improve the overall reasonability of your hair. Olaplex medications are easy to include into your routine because they are labeled on their packages with the instructions you should follow. 

    Let's look at how to use Olaplex individually so you may maximize all of its benefits.

    How to Use Olaplex 3

    • Olaplex No. 3 and Olaplex No. 0 have a close relationship. You should apply No. 3 on top of No. 0. To achieve this, air out the jug of No. 3 before crushing it liberally over your hair while brushing No. 0 through it.

    • Depending on the severity of your hair damage, Olaplex advises using No. 3 once per week, using a 1–3 teaspoon application on your hair.

    • Similar to No. 0, you should let No. 3 sit on your hair for around ten minutes. However, the better results can be anticipated the longer you leave it on.

    • Even Olaplex claims that people who use it for up to an hour and a half report amazing hair regrowth.

    • Wash up when you're ready to get rid of No. 3. After using these two products, you'll need to rinse your hair, cleanse it, and condition it as usual.

    How to Use Olaplex 0

    • All things considered, Olaplex uses its "zero" product as the foundation. The No. 0 item from Olaplex is a bond manufacturer an introduction that helps the No. 3 item in the subsequent stage achieve maximum absorption.

    • Furthermore, No. 0 prevents future damage to your hair caused by similar circumstances. Scrub your hair clean, and dry it completely before using Olaplex No. 0.

    • Apply the product next using a brush to ensure that it covers every part of your hair, from root to tip. Do not be surprised when No. 0 dries quickly; Olaplex designed this item to do just that. Leave No. 0 on for ten minutes.

    How to Use Olaplex 8

    • However, to maintain this look, Olaplex offers their No. 8 product, a support hair veil to keep track of the results you've received from previous advances.

    • Olaplex uses its bond-building technology to deeply hydrate hair and repair any damage that manifests when you're living your best life.

    • Olaplex No. 8 is not a product to be used frequently. Apply it once a week, if everything else is equal, by squirting some cream onto your hand. After stepping out of the shower, use this leave-in conditioner on your damp hair.

    How To Use Olaplex 0, 3, and 8 Together In These Easy Steps

    Use the product as directed to ensure that you are involved with enough items for your hair and that you receive whatever would be most reasonable if you want to get the most out of No. 8's benefits.

    • Apply Olaplex 0, a powerful therapy for strengthening bonds. It must be applied to dry hair, and you must use enough product so that your hair is submerged.

    • Apply No. 0 to the tips of your hair first after dividing your hair into sections because that is where the most damage should occur.

    • Allow No. 0 to remain on your hair for at least 10 minutes to ensure that it has completely absorbed into your hair, allowing No. 3 to be dragged deeper inside the hair structure.

    • Right now, keep treating your hair with Olaplex 3. Simply make sure you're using a generous amount since wet hair is optimal for this patented invention. 

    • It's time to wash and condition your hair.

    • After the hair is flawless, flip it over and section it off again. Apply the bond extreme wetness veil, Olaplex 8, on the surface. 

    • After calculating how much of the item you want for your hair, focus on it between your palms to distribute it evenly throughout. 

    • Rinse your hair with just water, no conditioner or cleanser.


    To get the most significant results, according to Olaplex, you should combine Olaplex 8 with Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3. Even though it could only take a short while, if you want the best results, take care of things properly.


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